Two Wonderful Eve at Amanjiwo You Should Definetly Visit

We landed at Yogyakarta Adisutjipto Airport on Monday afternoon, late September. Cloudy sky continued a little rain made the journey approximately one hour to Amanjiwo feels cool in the middle of an excited mood to arrive soon.

While snacking on tempeh crispy chips prepared in the car, I was with Maya (inviting public relations staff) and 3 other media colleagues fun talking about Aman resorts spread all over the world.

Entering the Amanjiwo gate, our eyes stopped at a point where the shoots of Borobudur temple stood as if framed by the sturdy pillars of the resort’s 20-year-old main building. Spectacular scenery that made all of us chuckle in awe as well as proud.

Two Wonderful Eve at Amanjiwo You Should Definetly Visit

We were greeted directly by Michele Amanjiwo’s chief of staff, along with a team that was ready with a wet towel and a fresh cold red ginger beer as a welcome drink. Once we got to each other, we did not wait long to have lunch at the open-air main restaurant and let anyone sit down enjoying the beautiful 360-degree view and, again, soothingly.

The next event that day is enough that I wait is the spa. What a luxury to indulge in early in the week when I usually have to dwell with meetings and deadlines . Not wanting to miss this moment, I chose a 60 minute body massage treatment that ended with a feeling of relaxation.

That night, we were invited to visit Mr. Bilal’s house, which is only about a kilometer from Amanjiwo. There has been a home-cooked dinner with a menu typical of Central Java, such as meat stew, grilled chicken seasoning, pepes tahu, oseng-oseng spinach bean sprouts and not miss the market snack as a dessert. Accompanied by the gamelan and the sound of the rain outside, we ate with gusto while chatting away about everything like a family.

Two Wonderful Eve at Amanjiwo You Should Definetly Visit

Commemorating the two decades of this resort opened its doors for world travelers, Amanjiwo held many activities throughout the year. For example an art exhibition that promotes local artists, Central Java cooking classes guided by in-house chefs , evening cocktails and talk shows held at Borobudur Temple, as well as activities to visit the surrounding villages by cycling.

The opportunity to see the sunrise with a beautiful stupa background to be one of the highlights that are very memorable for us, as well as a trip to the village around by using andong in the next day.

The beautiful scenery of the countryside, as well as the luxury of the resort with the hospitality of the entire staff in it breathed the natural warmth that was a precious gift for us to take home.