What you should know about Bhutan Trekking Holidays?

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With more than two third of the country under forest cover and half the landmass designated as parks and protected areas, Bhutan is a nature lover’s paradise.

It also makes Bhutan an ideal holiday destination for trekking and hiking. In fact some review rate Bhutan as one of the finest trekking and hiking destination in the eastern Himalayas.

Bhutan’s ancient Buddhist heritage and its pristine natural environment, within which thrives an amazing diversity of flora and fauna, are the two reasons why travelers are drawn to Bhutan. This is why many tour packages to Bhutan take help of bhutan bokar because of the service level they provide also try and provide a mix of both culture and the natural environment from here.

Those that have a cultural focus will include short day hikes to monasteries and heritage sites and packages that have a focus on trekking include a few visits to national monuments and ancient monasteries.

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The trekking holiday package generally focuses on a trek that can very from a few days to a week or more with a few cultural visits thrown in.

This package can be tailored to suit your needs and interests as well as your fitness level. It could only have short day hikes with picnic lunches to ancient monuments or nearby villages or it could be a trek for several days that goes over a mountain pass or two.

Learn Some More Facts about Bhutan Trekking Holidays

Trekking in Bhutan is a unique experience that can take you into the wilderness or through rural countryside. It can be quite challenging and therefore physical fitness is a must.

As a country of rugged mountainous landscapes altitudes, variations can be sudden and altitude sickness does get to quite a few visitors who are not used to the Himalayan heights or have not given a few days to acclimatize to the high environment.

Standby helicopter evacuations is a standard prerequisite that comes together with the overall trekking package and insurance requirements.

Hiking and trekking routes vary from an hour long to half-day hikes to month long expeditions  Routes are graded easy, moderate to strenuous depending on the altitude, daily walking hours and length of the route. Easy routes involve walking three to fours a day at a steady altitude and lasts between three to four days. Moderate routes have more noticeable ascents and descents and daily walking hours are more than four hours.

The strenuous and hard routes are extremely challenging and involve more than seven walking hours a day. Altitudes can vary significantly along the route going beyond 5,000 meters. The trek can stretch for more than a week to three weeks and is meant for seasoned trekkers.

All Treks are guided and nights are spent in tents at a designated spots where water and meals will be served. Equipment and supplies are carried by pack animals.

Experienced guides and chefs well versed with all the trekking and routes and in handling emergencies accompany all trekking tours.

Choose tours by bokar company as your next trekking holiday destination and you can be assured of a very special time.