Top 4 Mandatory Place to Visit in Nepal – Shooting Spot in Nepal

Despite the devastating earthquake of 2015, now Nepal has again become a unique country in South Asia that must be visited. This country also became the location of shooting for the movie Doctor Strange some time ago.

Here are 4 places that must be visited while in Nepal.

Golden Temple

The Buddhist monastery that dates back to 1409 is one that was not affected by the earthquake. This place is open from 5 am to 6 pm, so just take time to visit it while in the city of Patan.

Garden of Dreams

This tranquil and beautiful garden is perfect for a relaxing place after a tired walk around the city of Kathmandu. The damage suffered by the earthquake has also been fixed.

Boudhanath Stupa

Stupa with this unique architecture is a symbol to remind the path the Buddha traveled to enlightenment. The cost of entry is cheap, less than Rp 30,000.


Do not forget to stop by Thamel and shop for typical Nepal souvenirs ranging from pashmina, various types of tea, handicrafts to paintings. Avoid buying first-sight items first and get around first to find a cheaper one.