5 Best Restaurants in Jakarta with an interesting Dishes

Many restaurants in Jakarta offer an interesting brunch menu to spoil the weekend. From unique egg dishes to fresh seafood, this indulgent menu is what makes Saturday and your week entertaining. Here are 5 recommendation places in the capital city with brunch menus that tempting the taste buds.

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5 Best Restaurants in Jakarta and Their Famous Dishes

1. Sofia at The Gunawarman

You will not feel hunger after leaving Sofia. Sunday food menu here, dedicated to visitors who enjoy quality meat. Roasted Sliced ​​US Black Angus Striploin and Brioche & Foie Gras Stuffed Roast Chicken is a mainstay of Sofia’s Sunday menu. The side dishes are Yorkshire Pudding, Buttered Green Peas, and C urly Kale Salad and Baked Cauliflower Cheese. Sofia’s Sunday Roast is indeed the right menu to share with your partner.

2. Rosso, Shangri-La Hotel

The presence of Chef Gianfranco Pirrone has rekindled real Italian cuisine in the form of all you can eat every Sunday at Rosso. Typical choices invite anyone to pass antipasti, fresh fish on ice cubes, including live pasta with seafood and foie gras as toppings . To enjoy all egg-based menus, you can order Uova alla Franco (Black Bun with Poached Eggs and Salmon Tartare served with Truffle Hollandaise Sauce) and Uova al Prosciutto (Toasted Soft Bun with Fried Egg, Parma Ham and Sautéed Parmesan Spinach) ala carte.

3. Saleindra Restaurant, JW Marriott Jakarta

Sunday brunch program here open kitchen concept. The seven kitchens allow you to interact with the chefs and watch from scratch cooking process. Not only dedicated to family, your child can also participate in educational activities such as face painting, clay art and stones painting . For a meal, the chef from Saleindra restaurant presents lamb racks, fresh seafood bar (lobster, Alaskan king crab and king prawn), crispy pork belly and French crepes.

4. Arts Cafe by Raffles, Raffles Jakarta

The 130th age in culinary and service makes Raffles want to contribute more to its visitors. Through the Raffles Culinary Journey Sunday Brunch program, your taste buds are trained to explore the world’s culinary and pick up signature dishes from some parts of Raffles. If curious, taste Oxtail Parmentier from Raffles Makati, Egg from Raffles Le Royal Monceau in Paris, and The Singapore Sling Trolley from Raffles Singapore.

5. Open Restaurant, DoubleTree by Hilton Jakarta – Diponegoro

Doubletree brings its latest brunch package at Open Restaurant. With a touch of Chef Zulkarnain blend, a wide selection of dishes are featured in the open kitchen of local, Asian and Western culinary concepts. The Brunch and The Breeze package consists of sushi and sashimi, seafood served on ice, and Western food including special desserts. Drinks such as cocktails , beer and wine can also be enjoyed by the pool.