Best 5 Fun Activities to Do While Holidays in Dubai

Dubai became an exciting tourist destination to visit with family or couples only. The largest city in United Arab Emirates has a variety of exciting activities that may not necessarily be felt elsewhere.

Here are 5 activities you can do during your holiday in Dubai.

Watched the camel race

Not only horse racing, you can also see the action of camel racing is exciting, even watching it from the car and follow it with full speed.

Watch in open space

Evenings in Dubai come with cool weather being a great time to watch movies at Wafi’s Pyramids, Reform Social & Grill, or the Steigenberger The Backyard Hotel with the family. You can also enjoy delicious dishes ranging from fresh popcorn to classy restaurants while watching.


Are you happy with adrenaline-fueling activity? Challenge yourself by trying skydiving ! Do not worry because you will certainly be accompanied by an experienced instructor while doing it.

Visiting Dubai Miracle Garden

See more than 100 million interest in Dubai Miracle Garden as well as an Airbus A 380 that has penetrated the Guinness world record. All plants are beautifully arranged to form various shapes, ranging from peacocks to Emirates.

Riding a hot air balloon

Have you ever been on a hot air balloon? If not, this is it! You can see the beauty of the city of Dubai, both the skyscrapers and the golden desert. Visit since dawn if you want to see the sun rise while boarding the hot air balloon.