Things to Carry While Travelling on a Cruise Ship

Going on a cruise on a cruise is a great choice if you want to get lots of great photos but do not want to walk for long. There are various facilities that can be enjoyed, ranging from a variety of exciting sports activities, luxury restaurants, to cabaret show.

Things to Carry While Travelling on a Cruise Ship

Interested in Trekking Then you should know about Bhutan Trekking Holidays?

Here is a Things to Carry While Travelling on a Cruise Ship

Confusion will certainly come for you who have never sailed before because they do not know what items to take if you want to vacation on a cruise ship.

Important items such as clothing, personal gear such as skincare and cosmetics, as well as the required gadgets must be brought. Even in the middle of the sea, bring a light jacket or coat because the weather can still be cool at night.

Also bring sunscreen and medicines that would be needed during a vacation. It’s good to take anti-nausea drugs as well, especially if you have never boarded a boat before.

If you do not know the location of the room that you will occupy during a vacation, prepare a comfortable ear plugs to wear during sleep. Although it is a small thing, it will be a great savior if it turns out the room is located near the nightclub or engine room.

Ask what kind of sockets are used on the yacht. If it’s different from the plugs owned by your cables, bring the converter in order to stay in use and the power strip if it has a lot of stuff that needs to be charged.

If you include people who love shopping, be sure to bring more bags to put all the shopping results so easy to carry when home. Carrying bubble wrap will also be useful to provide more protection against glassware and fragile.

What you should know about Bhutan Trekking Holidays?

check how cool bhutan trekking tour package is

With more than two third of the country under forest cover and half the landmass designated as parks and protected areas, Bhutan is a nature lover’s paradise.

It also makes Bhutan an ideal holiday destination for trekking and hiking. In fact some review rate Bhutan as one of the finest trekking and hiking destination in the eastern Himalayas.

Bhutan’s ancient Buddhist heritage and its pristine natural environment, within which thrives an amazing diversity of flora and fauna, are the two reasons why travelers are drawn to Bhutan. This is why many tour packages to Bhutan take help of bhutan bokar because of the service level they provide also try and provide a mix of both culture and the natural environment from here.

Those that have a cultural focus will include short day hikes to monasteries and heritage sites and packages that have a focus on trekking include a few visits to national monuments and ancient monasteries.

bhutan tour package with trekking for everyone

The trekking holiday package generally focuses on a trek that can very from a few days to a week or more with a few cultural visits thrown in.

This package can be tailored to suit your needs and interests as well as your fitness level. It could only have short day hikes with picnic lunches to ancient monuments or nearby villages or it could be a trek for several days that goes over a mountain pass or two.

Learn Some More Facts about Bhutan Trekking Holidays

Trekking in Bhutan is a unique experience that can take you into the wilderness or through rural countryside. It can be quite challenging and therefore physical fitness is a must.

As a country of rugged mountainous landscapes altitudes, variations can be sudden and altitude sickness does get to quite a few visitors who are not used to the Himalayan heights or have not given a few days to acclimatize to the high environment.

Standby helicopter evacuations is a standard prerequisite that comes together with the overall trekking package and insurance requirements.

Hiking and trekking routes vary from an hour long to half-day hikes to month long expeditions  Routes are graded easy, moderate to strenuous depending on the altitude, daily walking hours and length of the route. Easy routes involve walking three to fours a day at a steady altitude and lasts between three to four days. Moderate routes have more noticeable ascents and descents and daily walking hours are more than four hours.

The strenuous and hard routes are extremely challenging and involve more than seven walking hours a day. Altitudes can vary significantly along the route going beyond 5,000 meters. The trek can stretch for more than a week to three weeks and is meant for seasoned trekkers.

All Treks are guided and nights are spent in tents at a designated spots where water and meals will be served. Equipment and supplies are carried by pack animals.

Experienced guides and chefs well versed with all the trekking and routes and in handling emergencies accompany all trekking tours.

Choose tours by bokar company as your next trekking holiday destination and you can be assured of a very special time.

Top 4 Mandatory Place to Visit in Nepal – Shooting Spot in Nepal

Despite the devastating earthquake of 2015, now Nepal has again become a unique country in South Asia that must be visited. This country also became the location of shooting for the movie Doctor Strange some time ago.

Here are 4 places that must be visited while in Nepal.

Golden Temple

The Buddhist monastery that dates back to 1409 is one that was not affected by the earthquake. This place is open from 5 am to 6 pm, so just take time to visit it while in the city of Patan.

Garden of Dreams

This tranquil and beautiful garden is perfect for a relaxing place after a tired walk around the city of Kathmandu. The damage suffered by the earthquake has also been fixed.

Boudhanath Stupa

Stupa with this unique architecture is a symbol to remind the path the Buddha traveled to enlightenment. The cost of entry is cheap, less than Rp 30,000.


Do not forget to stop by Thamel and shop for typical Nepal souvenirs ranging from pashmina, various types of tea, handicrafts to paintings. Avoid buying first-sight items first and get around first to find a cheaper one.

Best 5 Fun Activities to Do While Holidays in Dubai

Dubai became an exciting tourist destination to visit with family or couples only. The largest city in United Arab Emirates has a variety of exciting activities that may not necessarily be felt elsewhere.

Here are 5 activities you can do during your holiday in Dubai.

Watched the camel race

Not only horse racing, you can also see the action of camel racing is exciting, even watching it from the car and follow it with full speed.

Watch in open space

Evenings in Dubai come with cool weather being a great time to watch movies at Wafi’s Pyramids, Reform Social & Grill, or the Steigenberger The Backyard Hotel with the family. You can also enjoy delicious dishes ranging from fresh popcorn to classy restaurants while watching.


Are you happy with adrenaline-fueling activity? Challenge yourself by trying skydiving ! Do not worry because you will certainly be accompanied by an experienced instructor while doing it.

Visiting Dubai Miracle Garden

See more than 100 million interest in Dubai Miracle Garden as well as an Airbus A 380 that has penetrated the Guinness world record. All plants are beautifully arranged to form various shapes, ranging from peacocks to Emirates.

Riding a hot air balloon

Have you ever been on a hot air balloon? If not, this is it! You can see the beauty of the city of Dubai, both the skyscrapers and the golden desert. Visit since dawn if you want to see the sun rise while boarding the hot air balloon.

5 Beautiful Places to Visit in Jamaica

Located on the Karibian islands, Jamaica country becomes the perfect holiday destination if you want to enjoy the beach or mountain nuances of Latin America. Although the average lodging there is all-inclusive , but that does not mean you can not go to other places.

Here are 5 recommended tourist attractions in Jamaica to visit.

Bob Marley Museum

Who does not know the legendary musician Bob Marley? In Jamaica, you can visit the Bob Marley Museum which is the former home inhabited while still alive.

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Hope Botanical Garden

The 200-hectare garden of Hope Botanical Garden has been established since 1873. You can find a variety of native Jamaican plants and exotic plants here.

Green Grotto Cave

Not only is the beach beautiful, Jamaica also has an amazing historical underground cave. Visit with a tour guide and you can get lots of new science at once entertained with funny jokes from them.

Doctor’s Cave Beach Club

Doctor’s Cove Beach Club has successfully become one of the most famous beaches in Jamaica because it has a clear colored water of toska and white sand, so no doubt the beauty.

Dolphin Cove Jamaica

Want to swim with dolphins? This is where it is! In addition, you can also dive with stingrays and feed sharks directly at their residence.

Tips On Visiting The Museum While On Vacation

When looking for a popular tourist spot in a city, there must be a museum that became one of his recommendations. For some people, museums are a source of knowledge or a place to enjoy artwork. But for others, museums may not be a priority to visit unless they are well known and instagramable .

Tips On Visiting The Museum While On Vacation

Here is a Tips On Visiting The Museum While On Vacation

A number of museums began to rise as a place of good photographs. If you want to go to the museum to gain knowledge or enjoy the artwork, avoid visiting on weekends because it will be more crowded. Also find out if the museum has special offers on certain days such as free entry fees.

1. Find out if there is a special exhibition going on at the museum to be visited, so you will not miss a chance to see it. You can also take a tour or class offered by the museum to gain as much new knowledge as possible.

2. But if you just go to the museum to take pictures only, then be sure to always comply with all existing regulations. Do not use flash in predefined places because even though not directly, but exposure to continuous flash for long periods may damage the displayed works.

3. In addition, do not touch the artwork because either a painting or installation art because you can just damage it unconsciously due to dirty hands or oily. It is also possible that the object will be shifted from a position that has been set in such a way in accordance with the required lighting.

4. Make sure also that you do not disturb the people who are really looking at the work by taking pictures in the vicinity.

Two Wonderful Eve at Amanjiwo You Should Definetly Visit

We landed at Yogyakarta Adisutjipto Airport on Monday afternoon, late September. Cloudy sky continued a little rain made the journey approximately one hour to Amanjiwo feels cool in the middle of an excited mood to arrive soon.

While snacking on tempeh crispy chips prepared in the car, I was with Maya (inviting public relations staff) and 3 other media colleagues fun talking about Aman resorts spread all over the world.

Entering the Amanjiwo gate, our eyes stopped at a point where the shoots of Borobudur temple stood as if framed by the sturdy pillars of the resort’s 20-year-old main building. Spectacular scenery that made all of us chuckle in awe as well as proud.

Two Wonderful Eve at Amanjiwo You Should Definetly Visit

We were greeted directly by Michele Amanjiwo’s chief of staff, along with a team that was ready with a wet towel and a fresh cold red ginger beer as a welcome drink. Once we got to each other, we did not wait long to have lunch at the open-air main restaurant and let anyone sit down enjoying the beautiful 360-degree view and, again, soothingly.

The next event that day is enough that I wait is the spa. What a luxury to indulge in early in the week when I usually have to dwell with meetings and deadlines . Not wanting to miss this moment, I chose a 60 minute body massage treatment that ended with a feeling of relaxation.

That night, we were invited to visit Mr. Bilal’s house, which is only about a kilometer from Amanjiwo. There has been a home-cooked dinner with a menu typical of Central Java, such as meat stew, grilled chicken seasoning, pepes tahu, oseng-oseng spinach bean sprouts and not miss the market snack as a dessert. Accompanied by the gamelan and the sound of the rain outside, we ate with gusto while chatting away about everything like a family.

Two Wonderful Eve at Amanjiwo You Should Definetly Visit

Commemorating the two decades of this resort opened its doors for world travelers, Amanjiwo held many activities throughout the year. For example an art exhibition that promotes local artists, Central Java cooking classes guided by in-house chefs , evening cocktails and talk shows held at Borobudur Temple, as well as activities to visit the surrounding villages by cycling.

The opportunity to see the sunrise with a beautiful stupa background to be one of the highlights that are very memorable for us, as well as a trip to the village around by using andong in the next day.

The beautiful scenery of the countryside, as well as the luxury of the resort with the hospitality of the entire staff in it breathed the natural warmth that was a precious gift for us to take home.